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Mahjong: bibliographie de livres

Différentes appellations de ce jeu traditionnel chinois:
Ma-ch'iau, Ma ch'ueh,  Ma cheuck, Ma chiang, Ma jong, Ma-jung, Maajh, Mah-jong, Majong, Majan Majiang, Májiàng, Mah-jongg, Mahjongg, Mahjuck, Man-chu, Pung chow, Sparrow.


Allen, Frederick Lewis, Only yesterday; an informal history of the nineteen-twenties,
New York, Harper, 1957, 370 p. 22 cm.
Code: E784.A6 1957

Résumé: Une histoire sociale des États-Unis des années 20. Il examine l'individualisme étatsuniens et la décade qui a connu le Mah Jong et le Mencken, Coueism et Coolidge, Listerine et Lindbergh, ainsi que Capone, Ford, Babe Ruth, le Teapot Dome, et le bain de gin.

Amano, Daizo, Richi majan shirizu.
Orien Japan [1968] v. illus. (part col.) 19 cm.

Babcock,Joseph P. Bubcock's rules for mahjongg the red book of rules
Mahjong company of China (Shanghai, 1920

Babcock, Joseph Park, Babcock's rules for mah-jongg; the red book of rules,
San Franciso, Calif., Mah-jongg sales company of America; [1923] 2 p. l., 111-vii, 117 p. illus. 16 cm. Code: Microfilm 33624 GV

Babcock, Joseph Park, The laws of mah-jongg ...
Salem, Mass., New York [etc.] Parker brothers, inc. [c1925] 1 p.l., 48 p. port. 18 cm.

Beck, Eileen, Mahjong do's and don'ts
London, Muthuen, 1923

Bell, R. C. (Robert Charles), Discovering mah-jong.
Aylesbury : Shire Publications, 1976. 48 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.

Bell, R. C. (Robert Charles), Mah jong / 2nd ed.
Aylesbury : Shire Publications, 1978. 48 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.

Bernhardi, A., Vier Konige : Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Spiele.
Berlin : Dietrich Reimer, 1936. p. 149-180 : ill. ; 34 cm.
Code: GV1233.B435 1936

Bobby, Manière de compter au Mahjong et règles de jeu
Librairie Plon, 1924

Boulon, F. George, Standard rules and instructions for the Chinese game of ma chiang (sparrow) with notes on the American and one suit games,
New York, A. J. Brandt sons, c1924. 32 p. illus. 19 cm.

Bray, Jean, How to play mah jong, 2d ed. (Revised and much Enlarged Edition)
New York & London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1923. x, 162 p. illus. 18 cm.

Bray, Jean, How to play mah jong,
New York & London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1923. ix, 112 p. illus. 18 cm.

Brown, Garleton, A comprehensive guide to mahjong international game
Monreal, 1924

Campbell, Winifred W., comp., Mah jongg scoring combinations and conventions,
Forsyth, Mont., Times-journal printing co., 1924. 4 p. 18 cm.

Cecil, Viola L, Maajh, the American version of an ancient Chinese game,
New York, Printed by Hallco, inc., c1938. 53 p., 1 l. illus. 19 cm.

Chad Valley Co. Mahjong sometimes called Spalow Chad Valley Co.
London, 1923

Chad Valley Co. Mahjong sometimes called Spalow (Enlarged)
London, Chad Valley Co., 1924

Chad Valley Co. The standard rules of mahjong and How to play it
London, Chad Valley Co., London, 1927

Chad Valley Co., Mahjong The 1000 years old game of China
london, Chad Valley Co., 192?
Chad Valley Co., Le Mahjong, Kirby Beard
Paris, 192?

Ch'ang-sheng, K'ai t'ai.
[1978?] 96 p. (p. 96 advertisement) ; 19 cm.

Chiang, Lee, Mahjong and how to play it,
London, Thomas de la Rue, 1923

China Arts Trading, How to play Mahjong,
Shanghai, The China Arts Trading Co., 192?

China Textile Co.,  Directions for playing Mah-cheuk,
Shanghai,  China Textile Co., 192?

Chook, Yau Hin, The directions for playing Mah-cheuk
Hongkong, Chook Yau Hin, 192?

Chu Chia-Chien, Le jeu de mah-jong tel qu'il est joue par les Chinois (Preface de Lucien Corpechot).
Paris, Editeurs associes, 1924. 142 p., 1 l. 17 x 13 cm.

Chue, John Alfred, The mastering of mah jongg.
Hongkong, Yew Kee, printers, c1925. 2 p.l., iv, 58 p. illus. 20 cm.

Cordier, M., Mah jong als gezelschapsspel.
Gravenhage : Langerveld, [1964] 40 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.

Culin, Stewart, Chinese games with dice and domonos, Annual report of U.S. National Museum, 1893

Culin, Stewart, Korean games with notes on the corresponding games of China and Japan University of Pensylvania,
Philadelphia, 1895

Culin, Stewart, The games of ma-jong, its origin and significane,
Brooklin Museum Quaterly, 1924

De la Rue Co., The pocket guide to mahjong
De la Rue Co., 1924

Deshler Purchasing Agency, Rules for the chinese game of majong for use with D & G Majong Cards,
Shanghai, Deshler Purchasing Agency 1923

Douglass, Silas J., Instruction, suggestion and rules for playing the Chinese game...
Pasadena, Calif., c1923. 16 p. 16 cm.

Doyen, Claude Fay, Rules for playing mah-jongg (the sparrow) and suggestions for play,
Washington, D.C., Beresford linotype co., c1922. 16 p. plates. 20 cm.

Dwiggins, Elmer, White dragons wild, and how to win at ma jong; an advanced study of the world's most wonderful games as adapted to American playing,
Los Angeles, Phillips printing co., c1924. 61 p., 1 l. illus. (port.) 18 cm.

En bai xin, Instruction and suggestions for playing of Mah-jong
Shanghai, En bai xin, 192?

Etienne, Mah-jong and How to play it,
London, Methuen, 1923

Foster, Robert Frederick, Foster's famous rules for Man-chu,
Cincinnati, The U.S.Playing Card Vo., 1923

Foster, Robert Frederick, Foster on mah jong,
New York, Dodd, Mead and company, 1924. ix, 262 p. illus. 19 cm.

Foster, Robert Frederick, The laws of mah jong (pung chow, etc.) for 1924, as proposed for the American game,
New York, N.Y., Vanity fair [c1923] 45 p. 15 cm.

Foster, Robert Frederick, Twenty-point mah jong, with the American standard code of laws for all forms of the game,
New York, Dodd, Mead and company, 1924. xi, 157 p. illus. 19 cm.

Fulton Specialty Co., Ma jong,
Elizabeth, N.J., Fulton Specialty Co., 192-

Gelman, Joan, How to set up for a mah-jongg game and other lost arts
New York : Simon and Schuster, c1987. 112 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
Code: HQ1221.G36 1987

Gelbman, Alain, Mah jong: One step at a time.
Ishi Press, 1991. 50 p. : ill.

Gerstle, Ralph J. F., The green book of rules and regulations for ma-jong, 3d ed.
Chicago, Ma-jong Club of Chicago inc., c1923. 55, [1] p. incl. illus., pl. 23 cm.

Gibson & Sons, East wind Mah-jong
London, Gibson & Sons, 1923

Glass, Thomas G., Mah jongg 2000 / 1st ed.
San Antonio, Tex. : Glass Pub. Co., 1992. vii, 300 p., [8] p. of plates : ill. ; 26 cm.

Green Dragon,  (1924). 25 Mah Jongg Limit Hands and a few hints. By 'the Green Dragon.'.
London, Hatchards, 1924

Greene, Susan, The Mah Jongg group / 1st ed.
Port Washington, N.Y. : Ashley Books, [1975] c1974. 195 p. ; 21 cm.
Code: PZ4.G81317 Mah3

Hamley Bros., Directions for Mah-jong
London, Hamley Bros., 192-

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New York : D. McKay Co., c1979. xii, 143 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.

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New York and London, Harper & Brothers [c1923] 128 p. illus. 20 cm.

Harr, Lew Lysle, Pung chow in ten minutes (without a teacher)
New York city, Shanghai, Pung chow company, inc., c1923. [27] p. illus. (part col.) 17 cm.

Harr, Lew Lysle, Pung chow, the game of a hundred intelligences; also knows as mah-diao, mah-jougg, mah-cheuk, mah-juck and pe-ling.
New York, The author [c1922] 2 p.l., 7-78 p. illus. 20 cm.

Harr, Lew Lysle, Pung-chow, the game of hundred intelligences ...
Worcester, Mass., Pung-chow company [c1922] [17] p. col. illus. 16 x 12 cm.

Hartman, Lee Foster, Standardized mah jong; a manual of tactics for mixed hands, cleared hands, one-double game,
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Wakefield : EP Publishing ; New York : distributed by Sterling Pub. Co., 1978. 36 p. : ill. ; 14 x 21 cm.

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London, J Jaques & son, 1923

Hillson Co, Rules for playing Hillsons's chinese game known in China as Mah-chiang,
Boston, Hillson Co., 192-

Hillson Co, Rules for playing Hillsons's chinese game known in China as Mah-chiang, Revised edition,
Boston, Hillson Co., 192-

International ma chiang players' association, The laws of ma chiang,
New York city, 1924. [54] p. 15 cm.

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New York, Brentano's [c1924] xii, 206 p. illus., diagr. 20 cm.

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New York, Oriental export company, c1922. 20 p. illus. 23 cm.

Israel, Arthur Julius, How to play mah-jong...
New York, Oriental export company, c1923. 24 p. illus. 23 cm.

Jackpot, Rules and guide to the game of Mah jong,
London, H. P. G. A. & S., 192-

J. L. R., Règle du jeu de Mah jong ou jeu des dragons,
Paris, 192-

Kan, Andrew, Mah jong; a complete description of the game with authorative[]]
Detroit, Shanghai trading co. [c1924] 47 p. illus. 21 cm.

Kan, Andrew, Mah jong; a complete description of the game with authorative,
Detroit, Shanghai Trading co. [c1924] 47 p. illus. 21 cm.

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Rev. [i.e. 2d] ed. Tokyo, Rutland, Vt., C. E. Tuttle [1958] 64 p. illus. 19 cm

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1953, 206 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.

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Seattle, Y.C. Lim, c1923. 3 p.l., 9-50 p. front., illus. 23 cm.

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Hongkong, Kelly & Walsh, 1922

Ma-ch'ueh-wang, Fang ch'eng pi sheng chi ch'iao.
[1975] printing. 3, 85 p. ; 19 cm.

Ma-ch'ueh-wang, Ma ch'ueh pi ying.
[1978?] 3, 85 p. ; 19 cm.

Mah-jongg league, limited, London, The official standardised rules of the Mah-jongg league limited ...
London, Heath, Cranton, limited [1924] 52 p. incl. front., illus. 17 cm.

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Buenos Aires : Emece Editores, c1948. 363 p., 8 leaves of plates : ill. ; 20 cm.
Code: DS721.M369

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[1949] printing. 184 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.

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New York, Brentano's [c1924] 41 p. 19 cm.

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[n.p.] c1923. ms. 5 p. obl. cm.

Code: M1048 .M85

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Los Angeles, Morris & Lelevier, c1922. 40 p. 16 cm.

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San Francisco, Bowles-Broad printing works, c1922. 8, [1] p. illus. 17 cm.

Naftaly, Philip, Rules & directions for the Chinese game of "ma cheuck" (sparrows), also known as "ma jong", "mah diao", "pung-chow", "le-ping', and other translations of the different Chinese dialects.
San Francisco, Bowles-Broad printing works, c1923. 23, [1] p. illus. 18 cm.

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New York, Nanyang brothers, inc. [c1923] [15] p. illus. 16 cm.

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[1978] 10, 219 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.

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Code: PR6070.R367M34 1986

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New York : Dutton, 1988. viii, 374 p. ; 25 cm. Code: PR6070.R367G3 1988
Note: Sequel to The mah-jongg spies.

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Code: BF1891.M33 W34 1994

Walters, Derek, Fortune-telling by mah jongg : a practical guide to divination using the ancient Chinese game of mah jongg ,
Wellingborough, Northamptonshire : Aquarian Press ; New York, N.Y. : Distributed by Sterling Pub. Co., 1987, c1982. 192 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Code: BF1891.M33 W35 1987

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Code: HV6710 .W36

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Boston, Small, Maynard & company [c1925] viii, 76 p. illus. 20 cm.

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Rutland, Vt., C. E. Tuttle Co. [1964] 176 p. illus. 22 cm.

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Code: PS3545.I325 M3 1923

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Wu, Ch'ung, Ma ch'ueh kai lun.
Orien China [1965] 9, 60 p. illus. 21 cm.


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Un jeu traditionnel depuis des siècles, Mahjongg combine des élément d'habileté, de stratégie, de mémoire et d'intuition dans un jeu de patience stimulant. Une version solitaire en 3D d'un de vos classique favori.

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Rahjong: The Curse of Ra

The Curse of Ra est une nouvelle génération de jeu basée sur le classique Mahjongg, avec de superbes graphiques. Il introduit de nouveaux éléments comme les bombes, le magnétisme et les murs et utilise les règles d'arcade un niveau et deux angles.

Jouez à 50 niveaux habilement construits et dont la difficulté augmente. Les niveaux 8 à 50 vont défier à la fois votre esprit et votre logique. Vous pouvez jouer seul ou dans différents modes multi joueurs.
Un éditeur de niveau vous permet de créer vos propres niveaux.

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Les jeux traditionnels chinois

Le jeu de Mahjong

Le livre du mahjong 

Le livre du mahjong 
de REYSSET Pascal et DEPAULIS Thierry 

Le mahjong règle et pratique 

Le mahjong: règle et pratique
de REYSSET Pascal 

L'Art de jouer au mah jong en Chine
de BATTO Patricia

Traité du jeu de mah-jong
de BERGER Pascal et ETIENNE Jean-Marc

Logiciels, cédérom de Mahjong

King's Mahjongg
Mesurez-vous au plus grand casse-tête chinois
cédérom PC

Maxi Mah Jong
Micro Application

Mah-Jong master 3D TR
Lancez-vous dans le plus célèbre des casse-tête d'Asie !
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Le jeu de GO

ABC du GO 

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Les bases techniques du GO:
le jeu à 6 pierres de handicap 

Perfectionnement au GO 

Le maître ou le Tournoi de GO 

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Xiang Qi le jeu d'échec chinois

Précis du jeu d'échec chinois 

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