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Chi-Chi Sticks images - Chinese daily fortune teller, 签筒 Chien Tung (Qiāntǒng), One of the oldest known methods of fortune telling in the world
Kaucim Chi-Chi Sticks Booklet 1915 Preface

While touring China, the author of this book had his fortune told in a Chinese Joss House. The method used was by shaking a box full of bamboo sticks numbered from 1 to 78 in such a manner that just one number would mysteriously jump out of the box. This number would then be your fortune and an interpreter would read it to you from his book.

Why this one stick will jump out from all the rest and determine your fate we do not attempt to explain. We only know this method of fortune-telling has been used by that mysterious and ancient race, the Chinese, for centuries.

It appealed to us as such a novelty and their philosophy so true and quaint, that we secured after a considerable time and expense a translation of their fortune-telling book. We then imported their native bamboo sticks and after protecting the idea for the United States, by patent and copyright, we now offer it to the public.

A native son of China never thinks of entering business for the day without first having his fortune told from these mysterious sticks. He gets first his luck for the day, believing in it and acting on the advice implicitly. (If the number is shaken out after sundown, the fortune refers to the following day.) He then gets his future and important events that will occur as well as lucky gambling numbers.

It is all told him from this ancient book of fortunes which is in poetry, hence the author has tried to observe the same method as nearly as possible in the translation which is here offered as the oldest and best-known method of fortune-telling in the world.

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